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How We Got Here

WOORI Oceantech's R&D for high-speed boat technology was initiated to meet the demand of the Korean Armed Forces. With governmental support from the Korean Agency for Defense Development, extensive R&D was carried out to design and build a high-speed boat that exceeds all performance criteria of the existing boats in service. The aim was to build a 20m platform that could reach over 60 knots of speed, and survive in the condition of Sea State 6.


A new hull form was designed and extensively tested to achieve the best possible speed, maneuverability, and stability. Hull materials and construction methods were selected to be Carbon Fiber Advanced Composite and 3D Vacuum infusion, which gave the hull an optimal balance between light weight and strength. Propulsion System was comprised of high-power & low-weight diesel engines and surface-piercing propellers. 

Upon verification via sea trials and successful completion of R&D program, WOORI Oceantech has received Minister of Defense Acquisition Program Administration Award. This achievement was immediately followed by a new contract for developing and building a Patrol Boat with a higher capacity for personnel on board and Remote Controlled Weapon System. The build for the new Patrol Boat was finished in 2022, and the boat is expected to be in service from 2023.

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